Moderation and Scaling Down

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Moderation and Scaling Down

Before going to answer your query moderation and scaling down in UPSC, IAS, IFS (IFoS), Civil Service Mains Examinations, we are putting simple query on your mind why there is no scaling down and moderation for Essay, General Studies Paper-1, General Studies Paper-2, General Studies Paper-3, and General Studies Paper-4.? And also one more very simple question on your mind why there is no scaling down and moderation for only qualifying Papers like General English Paper and Language Papers? And finally last question why there is no scaling and moderation for prelims CSAT Paper-1 & Prelims CSAT Paper-2?

Our answer to all these questions is each and every aspirant attempting the question papers under the same circumstances, i.e., time is same for all, difficulty level of question paper is same for all. Moderation and Scaling Down for UPSC, IAS, IFS (IFoS), Civil Service Mains ExaminationsBut, coming to the Optional Subjects in UPSC, IAS, IFS (IFoS), Civil Service Mains Examinations, Each and every aspirant not attempting same question paper. Why because their Optional subjects are different. And coming to the timing, absolutely it same for all Optional Subjects. There is no such one expert to make all these Optional subject question papers.

Why this moderation and scaling is entering into picture?

In order to self evaluating after failing in their mains examinations they are comparing others optional subjects with their own optional subjects.

Why UPSC, IAS, IFS (IFoS), Civil Service Examinations is giving extra time in Preliminary level and also Mains level for mentally challenged aspirants? Our answer to this question is If there is no moderation and scaling how they can compete with normal (without mentally challenged) aspirants. They are attempting the same question paper and but we have to reasonably obey they can take more time.  This is the reason UPSC, IAS, IFS (IFoS), Civil Service Examinations giving the little bit more time than the normal guy. Now would you see the entire examination level playing field. The process of moderation and scaling is called normalization.

Here we giving a wonderful article, taken from upsc website, Moderation and Scaling Down for Optional Subjects in UPSC/IAS/IFS(IFoS)/CSE-CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATIONS.

Moderation and Scaling Down for IAS UPSC Maths Optional Subjects in UPSC/IAS/IFS(IFoS)/CSE-CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATIONS

Methodology of Moderation and Scaling (For Optional Subjects Only)

  • Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi, in its order dated 18th July, 2008 in OA No. 1389/2007 with OA No. 1747/2007 filed by Dr. Bikram Singh Gill and Shri Neeraj Kansal & Others, has observed as below:-

“The issues regarding the methodology of moderation and scaling have already been considered by the Apex Court, the Honorable Delhi High Court and this Tribunal. In view of the authoritative pronouncements by the Apex Court, there is no need for us now to go into this question. In the given circumstances, this is probably the most unexceptional method available to bring about as much objectivity as possible in the system of examination. For Civil Services, it seems that the method being followed by the UPSC has served well and without discrimination. We are convinced that it would serve no purpose for the Tribunal to peruse the answer sheets, as prayed for and come to any conclusion. It is the work for the experts, which should best be left to them. We can sympathize and empathize with the Applicants but cannot give them relief because of the reasons which have been mentioned above.”

With respect to third submission, we note that UPSC has been continuously conducting Civil Services Examination every year starting from 1949 to till date. The petitioners had pointed out ten incidents of detection of irregularities in Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC over the past “seven decades”. A few stray incidents of irregularities detected in the Civil Services Examination conducted in the past seven decades do not vitiate the sanctity of Civil Services Examination. No materials whatsoever has been placed on record by the petitioners in the present case suggesting that there were irregularities in the Civil Services Examinations conducted by UPSC in  the year 2007-2009.

In regard to public examinations conducted by institutions established by the Constitution like UPSC or institutions established by any enactment by the Parliament or Rules made there under like CBSE, Staff Selection Commission, Universities., etc, the function of which is mainly to conduct examinations and which have an established system as fool-proof as that can be, and which, by their own rules or regulations prohibit disclosure of evaluated answer sheets or where the disclosure of evaluated answer sheets would result in rendering the system unworkable in practice and on the basis of the rationale followed by the Supreme Court in the above two cases, we would like to put at rest the matter of disclosure of answer sheets. We therefore decide that in such cases, a citizen cannot seek disclosure of the evaluated answer sheets under the RTI Act, 2005.”

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