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About our Online Maths Optional course:

We have been offering best Online Maths Optional Coaching Institute Class Video Lectures in all over India in which the places internet connection facilities are available.

Online Maths Optional Course Classes for IAS, UPSC, IFS, IFoS, Civil Service Examinations will be available from 10th June 2018 on words. You can watch these videos any of your convenient times in your Laptop or Desktop. Internet connection is requited. If there is no internet connection then purchase our Pen Drive Mathematics Optional course.

For more details on Pen drive Mathematics Optional Course click on this link.

We have 3 kinds of plans namely, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can select any one of the following which ever is more your suitable, comfortable and convenient for you. The only difference these plans are validity periods and price but content is the same i.e., no of videos.

Fee Structure for our Online Maths Optional course: 

Call for Special Offer Dates, Offers & Discounts.

Online Maths Optional
Online Maths Optional

Some important queries for Online Maths Optional course:

  1. What is the meaning of "Including all things"? Ans:Including all things means that you will get free study materials, 18% Service tax as per Govt India new rules, 4 types of free Mathematics Optional test series i.e., during the course, revision test series, Mains Mathematics Optional test series before prelims and lastly Mains Mathematics Optional test series after prelims.
  2. What is the meaning of "Daily target" as in the mentioned table? Ans: You have to finish the course in time. This the average time we mentioned here is that in order to finish the Online Maths Optional course in time without any delay for finishing our Online Maths Optional Course. May be you can watch more or less depends upon your mood.
  3. System Requirements? Ans: Any Desktop or Laptop or Smart phone or tablet
  4. How to play videos through online? Ans: Just use your user name and password which we have given to you at the time of admission. detailed instructions are sent by email.
  5. What, If I need to format my system? Ans: Yes, you can play videos afterwards too There are no restrictions on number of users. You can play videos on one or many systems but only on one system at a time. As we mentioned before just login in your account to play Online Maths Optional videos.
  6. What do you mean by validity? Ans: As Videos are encrypted with time validity. Videos won’t play after given validity of time.
  7. What If your password forgot? Ans: User name is not changeable but pass word you can change later. therefore if you forgot password,then don't worry, we will give new one but it will take 1 working day for us. simply you can email us.
  8. Can I extend validity later on? Ans: No, you cannot extend the validity.
  9. From which date my validity starts? Validity starts from the day, when you receive the Online Maths Optional Course.
  10. Will Online Maths Optional Course work in Smartphone? Ans: Yes, Online Maths Optional Course work in Smartphone
  11. Will Online Maths Optional Course work in Tablet? Ans: Yes, Online Maths Optional Course work in Tablets
  12. Can I copy the videos to pen drive? Ans: Of course not
  13. Will Online Maths Optional work in two systems at the same time? Ans: No, Online Maths Optional will work only in one system at a time.
  14. Do I need internet at the time of using Online Maths Optional course? Ans: Yes, Online Maths Optional course is completely online. You need to have a internet.
  15. If you have any doubts? Ans: Please feel free to Contact us…

How to Join for our Online Maths Optional course

Simply download the admission form and fill it completely and then make the said payment to our Ramanasri Institute Account No or pay check or Net Banking.

Online Maths Optional

then email the scanned copy of admisson form and  transaction fee receipt to our email

Click this below link for Pen drive Mathematics Optional Course

Pen drive Mathematics Optional Course.

Click this below link for IAS Mains Mathematics Optional with Module (Segment)wise from 1992 to 2017.

IAS Mains Mathematics Optional with Module (Segment)wise from 1992 to 2017.

Click on this link of UPSC official website for previous year questions.

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