Recommended Complete Book list for IAS UPSC Mains Maths Optional

Recommended Complete Book list for IAS UPSC Mains Maths Optional:-

Here we are giving complete recommended complete book list for IAS UPSC Mains Maths Optional various toppers from 2009 to 2017. They even created various blogs across the internet with different names Revu Mutyal Raj, Prakash Raj Purohit blog, Kashish Mittal, Nitish K etc. Click last to see this for these blogs

We are giving all the complete book list for IAS UPSC Mains Maths Optional at one place. Please don’t try to purchase all these books which we are giving here. Our Maths Optional strategy should be 1 module with 1 book around 100 to 200 pages readable page no nos. We have total 13 Modules from Linear Algebra to Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics so we need to follow 13 books. And no need to study from page no.1 to last page that particular book. Most of the our IAS UPSC Maths Optional aspirants fail to finish the complete syllabus on time. See our UPSC Maths Optional syllabus first for that module and collect all the previous year questions (For this go to download page)  so far asked in the IAS UPSC Examinations from 1992 to 2017 and Read the complete highly given concepts and based on the concepts solve all previous year questions from 1992 to 2017.

If you have facing any bottle necks during the preparation then don’t worry, feel free to contact us. Ramanasri Sir is living on this planet earth to help each and every aspirant coming from across length and breadth of India. We will give our time as much as required for you and the nature permitted to Ramanasri Sir help others. We are always following on quote “If you are getting success in your first attempt in the IAS UPSC with rank less than 10 then we are going to reach our destination and fulfill the values which Ramanasri Institute have to follow entire life ”

Important & Toppers Recommended Books List for UPSC/IAS/IFoS(IFS)/CSE-Civil Service Exam of Mathematics/Maths Optional Books, IAS UPSC Mains Mathematics/Maths books

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  1. Linear Algebra
    1. Linear Algebra –  A.R. Vasistha (Krishna Series)
    2. Matrices – A. R. Vasistha (Krishna Series)
  1. Calculus
    1. Differential Calculus­– A.R. Vasistha, Dr. S.K Sharma (Krishna Series)
    2. Advanced Integral Calculus – Dr. D.C. Agarwal ( Krishna Series)
  1. Analytic Geometry
    1. Solid Geometry – P.N. Chatterjee)
  1. Ordinary Differential Equations

            Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations – M.D. Raisinghania (S. Chand)

  1. Dynamics & Statics Krishna Series
    1. Statics Krishna Series
    2. Dynamics Krishna Series
  2. Vector Analysis
    1. Vector Calculus – A.R. Vasistha & J.N. Sharma
    2. Vector Calculus – Shanti Narayana
    3. Curves in Spaces – P.N. Chatterjee (Class Handout)



  1. Modern Algebra
    1. Modern Algebra – Vasistha (Krishna Series)
    2. A course in Abstract Algebra – Khanna and Bhambri
    3. Modern Algebra – I. N. Herstein (John Wiley Publications)
  1. Real Analysis
    1. Elements of Real Analysis – M.D. Raisinghania (S. Chand Series)
  1. Complex Analysis
    1. Functions of a Complex Variable –J.N. Sharma (Krishna Series)
    2. Complex Analysis –Schaum’s Series
  1. Linear Programming
    1. Operations Research –Kanti Swarup, P. K. Gupta, ManMohan (S. Chand)
    2. Operations Research – S.D.Sharma
  1. Partial Differential Equations
    1. M.D. Raisinghania ( Refer Paper – I Same book)
  1. Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming
    1. A. R. Vasistha ( Krishna Series)
    2. Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis – Sastry
    3. Numerical Methods – V. RajaRaman
    4. Computer Programming – Class Handout
  1. Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics
    1. Fluid Dynamics – M.D. Raisinghania
    2. Mechanics – S. Chand Publications

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 2013 Edition BOOK

Strategy for Mathematics | Prakash Raj Purohit

Strategy for Mathematics | Kashish Mittal

Strategy for Mathematics

Strategy for Mathematics | Ajay Tomer

Strategy for Mathematics | Nitish K

Strategy for Maths Optional – Bhavesh Mishra

Strategy for Maths Optional – Bhavesh Mishra

Strategy for Mathematics Optional from UPSC Topper Utsav Kaushal

Strategy for Mathematics Optional from UPSC Topper Utsav Kaushal

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