UPSC Maths Optional Books

Hear we (Ramanasri Institute) are giving complete list of UPSC Maths Optional Books. Mostly these books are very Important and also most of the Toppers Recommended Books for UPSC Maths Optional Books or List of UPSC/IAS/IFoS(IFS)/CSE-Civil Service Exam of Mathematics/Maths Optional Books, IAS UPSC Mains Mathematics/Maths books

UPSC Maths Optional Books for UPSC Maths Optional PAPER – I

  1. Linear Algebra
    1. Linear Algebra –  A.R. Vasistha (Krishna Series)
    2. Matrices – A. R. Vasistha (Krishna Series)
  1. Calculus
    1. Differential Calculus­A.R. Vasistha, Dr. S.K Sharma (Krishna Series)
    2. Advanced Integral Calculus – Dr. D.C. Agarwal ( Krishna Series)
  1. Analytic Geometry
    1. Solid Geometry – P.N. Chatterjee)
  1. Ordinary Differential Equations

            Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations – M.D. Raisinghania (S. Chand)

  1. Dynamics & Statics Krishna Series
    1. Statics Krishna Series
    2. Dynamics Krishna Series
  2. Vector Analysis
    1. Vector Calculus – A.R. Vasistha & J.N. Sharma
    2. Vector Calculus – Shanti Narayana
    3. Curves in Spaces – P.N. Chatterjee (Class Handout)

UPSC Maths Optional Books for UPSC Maths Optional PAPER – II

  1. Modern Algebra
    1. Modern Algebra – Vasistha (Krishna Series)
    2. A course in Abstract Algebra – Khanna and Bhambri
    3. Modern Algebra – I. N. Herstein (John Wiley Publications)
  1. Real Analysis
    1. Elements of Real Analysis – M.D. Raisinghania (S. Chand Series)
  1. Complex Analysis
    1. Functions of a Complex Variable –J.N. Sharma (Krishna Series)
    2. Complex Analysis –Schaum’s Series
  1. Linear Programming
    1. Operations Research –Kanti Swarup, P. K. Gupta, ManMohan (S. Chand)
    2. Operations Research – S.D.Sharma
  1. Partial Differential Equations
    1. M.D. Raisinghania ( Refer Paper – I Same book)
  1. Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming
    1. A. R. Vasistha ( Krishna Series)
    2. Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis – Sastry
    3. Numerical Methods – V. RajaRaman
    4. Computer Programming – Class Handout
  1. Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics
    1. Fluid Dynamics – M.D. Raisinghania
    2. Mechanics – S. Chand Publications

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